The Site To Do Business, or STDB, is a veteran market leader in commercial real estate demographics. Over the past 15 years, the technology has developed to best serve the needs of commercial real estate professionals across the country. By integrating online data into a dynamic GIS mapping environment, the site allows users to competently and consistently make the best decision possible for a given piece of real estate. By relying on the best data for decision making, STDB users constantly position themselves to earn business. Using STDB provides commercial real estate professionals the reliable and singular source for real estate analytical tools such as demographic data, business information, thematic mapping, lifestyle data and high quality aerial imagery. Having these resources available from a single source affords professionals the ability to create dependable and replicable marketing materials. With the marketing materials already taken care of, real estate professionals can focus on their core competencies, making real estate deals and getting paid commissions. STDB is a wholly owned subsidiary of the CCIM Institute. Members of the institute have access to STDB as a part of their member benefits.